Pour la quatrième année consécutive, NRB organise son SAP DAY.


"Business transformation powered by technology". 


Pour la quatrième année consécutive, NRB organise son SAP DAY.
Le thème de cette édition est : « Business transformation powered by technology». 
Cet évènement se déroulera au Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport Hotel le jeudi 3 octobre.  
A l'agenda : 
  • 12h00: Lunch
  • 13h30: Introduction & presentation The NRB Group
(Daniel Eycken, Director Marketing & External communication)
  • 13h45: WBFin: an exciting challenge!
 A report on one of the major SAP on-site implementations in Europe @ the Walloon region.
 (Christophe Soumoy, Progam Manager WB Fin NRB & Sophie Algoet, Program Manager SAP NRB)
  • 14h30: UMCG Groningen, the entire organisation aligned
 An SAP implementation by Xperthis, the health care specialist of The NRB Group, @ the hospital UMCG in Groningen
 (Kris Maertens, Unit Manager Xperthis)
  • 15h15: Coffee break
  • 15h45: SAP Hana-as-a-service
 NRB presents its offering ‘SAP HANA as a service’
 (Johan Francken, Delivery Executive - Cross Functional Services NRB)
  • 16h05: Core HR and Soft HR meet in the public sector
 Presentation of NRB’s SAP based end-to-end HR solution for the public sector​
 (Yannick Stiller, SAP Business Unit Manager NRB)
  • 16h30: S4HANA a tool for the utility sector
 A customer testimonial of a verticalised SAP solution for the utilities sector
 (José Rodriguez, Director Energy & Utilities Customer testimonial from the utilities sector (TBC))
  • 17h15: SAP’s commitment towards great delivery for S/4Move opportunities
 (Carl Hellebaut – Relationship Manager SAP)
  • 17h35: The SAP Intelligent Enterprise strategy in action
 (Cédric Verstraeten & Johy Gou, Digital pre-sales engineers SAP)
  • 18h00: Wrap up
 (Yannick Stiller, SAP Business Unit Manager NRB)
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Lieu :  
Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport Hotel
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