The meetings of the Écailler du Palais Royal: Luc de Brabandere & Pascal Laffineur

Monday 3 February 2020

 "Resistance to change is probably one of the greatest challenges"  Pascal Laffineur. 

In an interview with Trends-Tendances, Pascal Laffineur, CEO of The NRB Group & Luc de Brabandere, corporate philosopher, talked about the challenges of digital transformation, but also the benefits of philosophy.
Here is an excerpt: 
"Trends-Tend: Mr. Laffineur, as CEO, do you ever use philosophy in your professional activities?
Pascal Laffineur: (...) Luc opened up a field for me that I didn’t know much about - philosophy - but everything that relates to the human thinking and functioning has long been the core of my job. I am often asked the question: how does someone become CEO of a large company? I always answer that it's good to be an engineer to get there, but that it's better to be a psychologist to stay there. That's what my job is all about these days: solving problems between people, finding solutions, etc. I'm a psychologist. It's much more about human interactions than mathematical equations. So, to answer your question, I would say that the human sciences are absolutely necessary for the exercise of a CEO. On the other hand, the philosophical aspect is a little bit newer for me, I won't hide it, but it's a higher degree of understanding, of abstraction. And I think that's going to bring me a lot in the future."
To find their entire encounter in the Trends Tendance article click here
The entire article is only available in french.

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