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The technology landscape is changing fast and is reshaping many industries at a pace that has never been seen before. Companies and public organisations need to innovate faster, to be more efficient, more agile, more customer-centric and to ensure their continuity and security. At NRB, we aim to support our customers in the running, the optimisation and the transformation of their business by offering a complete range of ICT services and solutions.

NRB stopt zijn energie in ORES

De Waalse beheerder van de elektriciteits- en gasnetten ORES voorziet energie aan 1,3 miljoen afnamepunten en 198 Waalse gemeenten. Goed voor een jaaromzet van ruim 500 miljoen euro. Daarvoor worden er maandelijks 3 miljoen facturen afgedrukt. Een kolossaal werk dat sinds kort wordt uitbesteed aan NRB.


NRB met son énergie au service d’ORES

Avec plus de 1,3 million de points de fourniture et 198 communes wallonnes desservies – pour un chiffre d’affaires dépassant les 500 millions d’euros – le gestionnaire des réseaux de distribution d’électricité et de gaz naturel ORES est amené à émettre et imprimer chaque année 3 millions de documents et factures. Un travail colossal qui est depuis peu pris en charge par NRB.


Une application mobile pour automatiser le contrôle qualité et générer des rapports

ISS a fait appel au Groupe NRB pour développer une application mobile destinée au contrôle de la qualité. Afelio, filiale de NRB spécialisée dans le domaine du mobile, a pris en charge l'ensemble des opérations : analyse des besoins, conception et développement de l'application, testing et mise en oeuvre.


Enterprise Mobility

NRB, en collaboration avec sa filiale Afelio, propose à ses clients une offre 360° qui couvre l’ensemble des besoins mobiles d’une organisation. De cette manière, vous pouvez bénéficier du confort de n’avoir qu’un seul interlocuteur pour tous vos besoins IT Mobiles.



With total revenues of €320 million and more than 2,000 employees, the NRB Group is among the top 3 of the ICT sector in Belgium.

NRB, the parent company, was founded in 1987 as a shared IT department and data centre by Ethias, a leading Belgian insurer and some public utility companies. Over time, the company has grown - in part through strategic acquisitions - into the major player it is today in Belgium.



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Published on 09/05/2017

NRB and Getronics have been granted a 4-year Works

Published on 02/05/2017

Hospitals are facing considerable digital challenges and the need to innovate has never been greater.The flow of


Case stories

  • Sibelga

    There are about 1,000 employees at Sibelga, of whom 750 working on computers. They call the NRB service desk about 800 times a month. On average, 650 of these calls are now being resolved immediately.

  • ISS

    ISS called on the expertise of the NRB Group to develop a quality control system suitable for mobile use. Afelio, the subsidiary of NRB that deals with mobility, listened attentively to what ISS wanted, developed the application, and put it in production after a successful test phase.

  • Eurogentec

    Eurogentec, an internationally active SME from Liège, commissioned IT service provider NRB to install SAP at its US branch Anaspec.

  • Ores

    ORES, the Walloon electricity and gas networks operator, supplies energy to 1.5 million outlets in 197 Walloon communities, worth an annual turnover of over 500 million euro. 3 million invoices are printed every month. This is a colossal job that has recently been outsourced to NRB.

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