Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Every manager has quality, efficiency and productivity at the center of his preoccupations. One of the paths to get there is based upon knowledge management within your organization and the collaborative processes that surround it. Whatever the format of your documents, you need easy access to the information and a clear and unique vision of the architecture of the information management within your organisation. At the same time you need to ensure the security, the integrity and the confidentiality of your data.

The expectations of your employees in terms of user experience are constantly increasing. Their way of working is changing and will push you to implement solutions that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and from any device. In other words, you have to look for ways to manage the creation, the storage, the sharing and the archiving of your documents

In certain sectors, organizations are confronted with strict legislation in terms of data management. In that case you must choose and implement a solution that complies with the given legal framework.

The advantages of an ECM system

The implementation of an Enterprise Content Management solution allows you to analyse and  optimize the processes of your organization. It allows you to review and to accelerate them. The implementation project in itself is an ideal opportunity to map out, analyse and re-model these professional processes. 

Once operational, the system allows you, not only to accelerate its functioning by lowering the number of manipulations, but also to become more efficient and improve user satisfaction,  overall productivity and competitiveness.

Digitizing your documents will have a positive impact on your costs. When applied to incoming mail, it can reduce your paper archives that are costly and take up much space. You can also [reduce the costs of sending out invoices].

Our offer

NRB offers a complete range of services that cover the entire life cycle of an Enterprise Content Management project. Our consultants and IT-architects will assist you in the choice and definition of the solution that best fit your needs. We can then deploy and configure the chosen solution either on your systems, in a public cloud or in our private cloud. By means of our print shop, we are also able to manage your entire outgoing document flow up and till the delivery at postal mail services.

In addition, we can offer a range of solutions to considerably increase the possibilities of your ECM systems, integrating them with an ERP or a [BI] system or by interfacing with a [WCM] for example.

Lastly, we can make all of your professional processes, mobile, thus providing more freedom to your employees by allowing them access their work documents anywhere and at all time on their tablets or their smartphones.

Collaborative platform

Today, any organization can benefit from a collaborative platform with a multitude of functionalities, such as:

  • Centralized document directory
  • Management of reading and writing rights based on your Active Directory
  • Versioning of documents and editing history
  • Management of tags and metadata
  • Search engine
  • Workflows and approval flows
  • Creation and management of forms
  • Simultaneous publication of documents (advanced implementation)
  • ...

By choosing, for example, for Microsoft solutions, you can easily offer your employees a very powerful communication and collaborative platform. Indeed, by associating SharePoint, Office 365, Lync (Unified Communications) and even Yammer (Enterprise Social Media), you can set up a modern, totally integrated working environment.

Management of incoming and outgoing mail

Based upon our extensive experience, we can offer mail management solutions that are pre-configured and ready to be integrated. Often based upon Alfresco, these include, for example, the following functionalities:

  • Classification of your incoming mail according to the structure of your organization (Management, Purchasing, Accounting, etc.) or of your premises (Location, Buildings, etc.) 
  • Complete automation of the process: sorting, qualification of the addressee, scanning, archiving, etc.
  • Follow-up of process steps
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of your documents to transform the content from image format into text
  • Automation of sending to a virtual addressee mailbox 
  • Comments, stamps and/or electronic validation of documents
  • ...

Extranet portal

NRB can assist you in setting up an extranet portal to extend your abilities of internal collaboration with external partners, suppliers or customers. This type of solution offers numerous possibilities:

  • Management of reading and writing rights for documents
  • Publication and sharing of restricted access documents
  • Automated reporting
  • Request management
  • Follow-up of orders, tasks, services, etc.

An extranet portal is an excellent means of improving customer experience by demonstrating openness and collaboration while, for example, collecting feedback from users.


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