Communication & Collaboration

Communication and collaboration are major pillars of an effectively and efficiently operating organization. 

Today, your employees wish to work in their particular mode. They are more and more demanding with regard to their employers. The 9 to 5 no longer exists. No matter when and where they are, they want to be able to access their work tools. They live in a world without strict barriers between professional and private life.

The arrival of the new generation of workers, the so-called generations x, y and z, accelerates this phenomenon even more. This new workforce is permanently connected, hooked to their cell phone and permanently exchanging information through social media.

Your mission is to choose the right tools, i.e. the tools that respond to their wishes and that will allow them to be more productive. The choice is essential but the adoption is of prime importance! In order to be effective, they need to feel familiar to your employees and they must be easy to learn. Simple and intuitive.

You can only win!

If users are happy, they will be more productive. If they can smoothly communicate and work together, your time-to-market will be shorter. If they gain time, your efficiency will be higher.

What we offer

NRB will advise and assist you through the design, the development and the deployment of the working environments you provide to your employees depending upon their job : administration, sales, engineering, etc.

These solutions have several layers: 

The hardware or workstation

These are the tools from which each employee can access his or her virtual working environment. Whether they be desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones, NRB will help you to identify and choose the devices, best adapted to the needs of each user profile. We can also supply you with these devices as well as additional Mobile Device Management solutions, for example.

The layers of the virtual desktop

If you you are giving your employees access to their work environment and their business applications from any device, you better pay special attention to ensuring the security and the integrity of your data and applications. NRB supports you in the choice of a virtual desktop and or in setting up your remote access system (VPN). If needed we install solutions for the management and the sharing of your business applications

Unified communication tools

Once registered in your Active Directory, your users must be able to communicate together and with the outside world through a series of integrated channels: e-mail, instant messaging, landline and mobile telephony and videoconferencing. These applications allow each user to have access to information such as diaries or the availability of a colleague in real-time. 

NRB can help you during the implementation of the infrastructure for e-mail or IP telephony but can also offer you unified communication  tools (MS Lync, Cisco Jabber) that will integrate into your IT environment. 

Enterprise Collaboration tools

NRB can assist you implementing office applications such as Office 365. Your organisation will always dispose of the most recent version; your employees will benefit from newest functionalities, for instance enabling them to work simultaneously on the same documents.

It is also possible to go further and to offer your employees, more functionalities by installing Enterprise Content Management tools.

Enterprise Social Networks

By analogy with general public social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, companies and public institutions can offer their employees social platforms for internal use within their organization.

These enterprise networks allow you to rapidly and efficiently find the right person, updated information or a specific document by appealing to the community of employees. One of the main advantages of these platforms, is the way in which they stimulate the sharing of knowledge and how they accelerate innovation within the organization.

NRB can assist you throughout the process of assessing, choosing, and implementing these tools and even in setting up the change management program that should accompany their roll out.


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