The NRB Group publishes its annual report 2018: growth continues

Wednesday 8 May 2019

The turnover of The NRB Group grows to € 333 million in the fiscal year 2018. This is above budget and an increase of 5% (turnover + ‘work and contracts in progress’) compared to 2017. The operating result of the Group represents 8,76% of the turnover, which is a strong increase compared to the year before. NRB regards these results as a positive intermediate assessment of the implementation of its 5-year plan to become the driving force of the digital transformation of is customers.

The NRB Group is a Belgian, leading ICT-service provider, employing more than 2000 people, that consists of a number of specialised ICT companies. NRB focuses on the public and social sectors, energy and utilities, bank insurance and industry, while Trasys International – part of NRB – focuses on European and international organisations and companies.

The subsidiaries of the NRB Group offer specialised sectoral solutions: Xperthis for the healthcare sector, Cevi, Logins and Civadis for local authorities, UCON (acquired by the Group in 2018) is an SAP service provider predominantly working for the utilities sector. And SIGGIS, that joined the Group in the same year, is a specialist in geographic information systems.

NRB, the mother company, realised its budget while implementing a transformation plan that included a number of strategic projects. Firstly, the modernisation and extension of NRB’s ICT infrastructure with a brand new datacentre that opened in January 2018. Secondly, the further development of NRB’s portfolio of solutions, including the deployment of a hybrid cloud platform (branded NECS) that offers NRB’s customers a unique access not only to the NRB private cloud but also to the leading global cloud providers.

The Group’s software factory has been reorganised with teams in Liège (Afelio), Herstal and in Athens in Greece. The mainframe teams developed a unique offering for the modernisation of mainframe application environments. And NRB continued to invest in the field of emerging technologies such as Big Data, AI, Robotic Process Automation and security.

Another aspect of the transformation plan was the optimisation of the company’s governance structure. This was done on two levels. Firstly, at the initiative of Philippe Lallemand, Chairman of the Board of Directors, by completing the Board with independent members. Secondly by the strengthening of the management committee with a Chief Operations Officer (Jean-François Michotte), a Chief Commercial Officer (Marc De Groote) and the creation of a new role within NRB, i.e. a Chief Technology Officer (Michael Boeckx).

“The affiliates of the Group have also been strongly contributing to the realisation of the strategy of the Group”, adds Pascal Laffineur, Chief Executive Officer of The NRB Group. “Not only were their individual net results on or above target in 2018, the return on investment of all of our acquisitions show positive. And thanks to them, The Group is indeed leveraging its investments and at the same time diversifying and broadening out in terms of technologies, competences, customer portfolio and market presence.”

“The good results of 2018 confirm that the implementation of our strategic 5-year plan works well. NRB itself engaged in a transformation plan in order to be fit to fulfil its mission, which is no more or less than to be one of the driving forces of the digital transformation of society”, explains Pascal Laffineur. “The corporate world, as well as the public sector, are confronted with huge challenges that come with the digitalisation of all levels of society and economy. The requirements of our customers’ customers, consumers, citizens, patients… have drastically changed in terms of the level, the form and the speed of the interaction they expect. At the same time, threats to security and privacy have increased at an even higher pace. For all of them, data have become a key asset they need to protect and securely store in a well-managed and safe environment. Like them, we are aware that thanks to the explosion of global cloud offerings, technological possibilities have become nearly unlimited. We are the first to acknowledge this and… to make use of it. Still NRB has a very clear role to play in this equation: We have all the facilities to safely store and manage our customers’ systems, data and applications in our own data centres in Belgium. Moreover, as a local player with a strong track record and in depth knowledge of the local markets, we can assure that the chosen (cloud)solutions are the best possible for each specific customer and that they are fully compatible with the local regulatory and security requirements. In short, NRB is the only company that can offer a local solution to the local digital challenges.”


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